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Must have aim to join

No creating characters

If u do not obey the rules you will be kicked out of the rpg for good

Can only have one character per person

When u attack u must use :: in front and :: behind

In order for u to hit the person with the attack u must type ::hit:: before they type ::block:: ::phase out:: ::miss:: or any thing else

You cannot charge while phased out this also means u cannot attack when ur phased out and if u do when we add up the points u will not get points for that attack

When u battle or spar with someone u post the battle up on the message board by copying the battle of the instant message window then pasting it on the board

Super saiyan level 1- pl of 900,000=boosts pl 50,000
Ultra super saiyan (ssj level 1.5)-pl of 2,000,000 =boosts pl 100,000
Super saiyan level 2-pl of 5,000,000=boosts pl 200,000
Super saiyan level 3-pl of 9,000,000=boosts pl 350,000
Super saiyan level 4-pl of 15,000,000=boosts pl 500,000
Golden oozaru-pl of 20,000,000=boosts pl 1,000,000

Super namek-pl of 2,000,000=boosts pl 300,000

super human-pl of 2,000,000=boosts pl 100,000

Changeling level 1-pl of 900,000=boosts pl 50,000
level 2-pl of 2,000,000=boosts pl 100,000
level 3-pl of 5,000,000=boosts pl 300,000
level 4-pl of 10,000,000=boosts pl 500,000