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Items shop owned by Vegeta
Senzu bean-25=raises pl by 100
     Bag of 10 Senzu beans-50=raises pl by 300(lasts 10 days)
Gravitron-1000=depends on how much gravity is used to gain more points when training
                    space pod with gravitron-2500=can fly to other planets and/or train with gravitron
                            space pod w/out gravitron-500=can only fly to other planets
         Space pod w/ gravitron and rejuvination chamber-5000=same as others but heals wounds and regrows limbs
dragon radar-1000=reduces time to find dragon balls by 3 days(if ur pl is over 100,000 the takes 4 days off)
    scouter-1000=reduces time to find dragon balls by 1 day
Senzu tree-5500=every week gives 5 senzu beans(limited to 10 senzu trees in whole rpg)
Super ship-500,000=freeza's ship, holds up to 15 people 3 other pods and 1000 slaves/henchmen

Weapons shop owned by Trunks
Zett sword-5000
Power pole-250

Clothing shop owned by trunks
Weighted cap-200=1000 speed every week
Weighted boots-250=1000 speed every week
Weighted uniform-500=500 of each stat every week
Weighted wrist bands-300=500 ki every 5 days(comes in pairs)

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